Technologies Used in Our Mattresses


We provide mattresses with five types of inner ‘cores’:

  1. Bonnell Spring Core – generally used in firm mattresses

  2. Pocketed Springs, giving a softer, more comfortable feel

  3. Latex Rubber Foam

  4. Visco-Elastic Foam, also known as Memory Foam

  5. Gel


Our special construction features include:

  1. Never Turn Mattress 

  2. Foam Encasement



Bonnell Springs

Bonnell Springs are hour-glass shaped springs made of 14 gauge anti rust steel wire tempered at high temperature to make sure long life. These are used in mid priced, firmer mattresses.










Pocketed Spring

In a Pocketed spring mattress, the springs are wrapped inside an individual fabric case. Automated machines coil the wires and seal the coil inside the fabric encasement. These individual springs move independently of each other to better conform sleep surface to body contours. These are used in mid to high end rage, and are more comfortable mattresses.







Latex Foam Rubber

Natural Latex rubber which is sticky and deforms easily when warm, is molded into sheets through a complex process of vacuming the mould, then infusing with carbon dioxide, freezing at very low temperature and finally vulcanizing (heat curing) at high temperature. The resulting Latex Foam rubber has very good mechanical properties, recovers quickly when load is removed, and does not give out toxic chemicals as like petroleum based foam as it ages and disintegrates. Latex Foam rubber shapes much better around body curves and has long life.


The cell structure of Latex distributes your body weight evenly and eliminates the pressure points that cause a restless sleep. Latex is naturally hypo-allergenic, antimicrobial, and mildew proof and it conforms to the curves of the body to alleviate areas of high pressure that cause tossing and turning.



Visco - Elastic Foam or Memory Foam

The sleep surface developed by NASA to absorb the tremendous forces astronauts face during rocket ‘blast offs’. 

Made of dense polyeurethane with added elasticity, it softens with body temperature to mould much better around body, reducing pressure felt, thus reducing tossing and turning while sleeping.









Gel duplicates the feel of a very soft cushioning foam, while offering the support and protection of a stiffer material. It is ergonomic, and allows your body to keep a more balanced temperature during sleep. The pressure relieving layer supports and molds to your body, constantly redistributing your body’s weight.



Inner 'Cores'

Special Construction Features

Never Turn

Low maintenance

Mattress only needs to be rotated. No need to flip the mattress

Stable Sleep System 

No bounce, less Movement

Excellent support and durability 

Resists body impressions for years

Foam Encased Wireless Edge

Superior seating edge

Enhances comfort edge-to-edge

Expands usable sleeping surface by 20%

Long lasting durable support

Nearly indestructible

Bends to get around tight corners

Stabilizes mattress, less motion transfer

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