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Innovative adjustable beds in Dubai

When you compare the Adjustable Massage Bed to the very best flat, air, or water bed, you will find it to be simply more comfortable and versatile than all the other types combined. Our line of adjustable massage beds is equipped with the following advanced features:

'Neurosage' wave action

Programmable Memory Positioning, 3 Section Movement

Memory Massage Recall

Latex Mattress

Remote Control


Available Sizes (cm)

100 x 200

150 x 200


10 year Warranty on the mechanism and mattress

Adjustable Beds In Dubai

Considering that most people spend a third of their lives in bed, it is hardly surprising that they have come to expect a great deal more from sleep systems that traditional beds provide.

Understanding and seeing the need for beds that offer more than just a place to sleep, The Living Room have come up with a premier line of adjustable massage beds that bring utmost comfort and help improve quality of life for people of all ages.

Benefits of Adjustable Beds

An adjustable bed allows users to achieve the most comfortable position for their body, whether they need to elevate their head or feet. Because these can be modified according to the specific needs of an individual, an adjustable bed in Abu Dhabi is ideal for those who are experiencing pain or strain in the neck and back, for those who are recovering from a trauma or surgery, or even those with swelling in their legs. An adjustable bed offers optimal lumbar support, which distributes pressure better and more evenly in the pelvic, lumbar, and thoracic areas of the body.


It is also beneficial for people experiencing acid reflux in their stomachs, as elevating the head by 4 to 6 inches can prevent stomach acids from rising to the esophagus. Having adjustable beds in your Abu Dhabi home can improve blood circulation and alleviate breathing problems, such as snoring. Breastfeeding mothers can also benefit from using this type of bed as they can transition to the best feeding position with more ease.


All illustrations shown here are for representative purposes only. The actual product may vary due to current availability of fabrics and other materials. The manufacturers reserve the right to alter specifications from time to time without prior notice.

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