About Us

THE LIVING ROOM is a supplier of quality orthopedic, comfortable and luxury mattresses, beds, accessories and sofas for home. These are designed to deliver good value for money. “Relaxed and comfortable customer experience” remains our guiding principle at each of THE LIVING ROOM stores.


The idea came to us, Kheman and Surender, partners in this venture, in 2005, that there was a need in the UAE for stores with relaxed ambience dedicated to ‘sleep’ products, where in customers felt well at ease to try out various mattresses before making their choice in the comfort not too different from that found in their own homes. Hence, the idea of THE LIVING ROOM was born.  


In this we are backed up by Towell Mattress & Furniture Industries, our exclusive and reliable suppliers, with a leading position in sleep products industry in the Middle East and beyond, working with International brands such as Spring Air, Spring Wall and Europedic Memory Foam Mattresses.


One of the real assets are our employees: carefully trained and groomed for customer friendly attitudes.


With over 14,000 beds delivered, THE LIVING ROOM is dedicated to customer satisfaction and achieves it, 99.88% of the times.*


*based on customer feedback

Chattam & Wells, Spring Air, Europedic, Springwall, Protect A Bed and Windsor are trade marks of respective owners.

Email: info@thelivingroom.ae | Call Us : 0556051925 

Abu Dhabi, Al Ain