New range of Memory Foam Pillows from 'allfree' Allerfy Free Organic Products:



Contour Pillow

Relieves neck pain, alligns the spine, supports head and neck to relax the neck and back muscles.


Symphony Pillow

The classic Memory Foam pillow. Relieves neck pain and headaches


Anti Snore Pillow

Opens air passage for better breathing, reduces snoring


Luxury Pillow

Most relaxing and comfortable pillow with cotton on one side and luxurious quilted satin on the other side


Pregnancy Pillow

It provies back and tummy suport, and comfort needed during pregnancy.

Perfect for sleeping and relaxing.

It re-aligns the body and balances weight distribution.


Lumbar Cushion

Supports your lower back and middle back while seated to prevent paint.

Ideal for use in the office, car and while travelling


Freedom Back Cushion

Designed for total spinal alignment and support.

Eliminates pressure on your back while sitting for long periods.


Freedom Seat Cushion

This relieves the pressure of the spine while sitting for long periods.

Very helpful for those with backaches and disc problems


Travel Cushion

Now travel without neck and shoulder pain.


Leg Cushion

Elevates the legs, improves circulation reducing pain in the spine, back and legs.

Very comfortable during pregnancy.

Helps in varicose veins.


Baby Pillow

As babies are lying or sleeping most of the time, their soft skull can become flatter. 

Baby Pillow is made of premium Memory Foam which protects the round shape of your baby's soft head.


Premium Kids Pillow

Premium Kids Pillow gently supports head & neck in the tender growing years.



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